08 February 2009

Art Has No Limit

... And if any one thinks otherwise, show them this hauntingly beautiful film I found while visiting Emma Sage’s blog. I have watched it several times…

A little digging on the net tells me that it is an “award-winning video from Iceland, conceived by and supervised by the musical group, Sigur Ros and the filmmaker, Agust Jacobsson, featuring the Perlan special-needs theatre group acting out a simple but beautiful play about the elements - This unique music video is part of the Sprout Touring Film Festival (showcasing films related to the field of developmental disabilities).”


jazzygal said...

`What a beautiful video piece. And beautifully performed too.....great facial reactions and lovely arm movements. Some lovely ideas there for me too!!

Thanks for sharing that NanP. xx J

Nan P. said...

Yes, Jazzy, it is the facial expressions that "got" to me. The music is incredible too.

Lisa said...

Those crazy nordic conceptualists and their interpretive art!
Whats wrong with a nice bit of riverdance and sharon shannon I ask ye?

It is a great video; better with the sound down. (sorry Bjork)