12 March 2009

Easy does it…

Indeed, “very” easy does it.

Or “little by little”…

And when a “little” precedes the word “progress”, then we have a “little progress”. And THAT little progress is much better than no progress at all.

So there we are, with Cathal making one little progress at a time, a tube removed here, 2ml of his mammy’s milk (a drop!) ingested there, a breath taken on his own. All progress!

Isn’t Time the great Healer? So, one day at a time, one hour at a time, we are all learning patience.

And if Patience is a saintly Virtue, we might soon see a halo appearing behind his parents…


Nick McGivney said...

Fantastic, fantastic news. Please wish Cathal's mam and dad (and yourself) steady and calm nerves right now. The wee man will give you all a hard time this summer as you try to keep up with him. You have prayers, vibes and wishes from this side. Take all you need.

God bless all.

Clive said...

Little by little is good. We're praying away here and thinking of you all the time. Lots of love and extra woofs - Clive and gang

Mel said...

So glad to hear things are going okay. Like Nick, I am certain the lad will be off before anyone knows it. And I hope you and Cathal's parents are having copious amounts of chocolate and the odd splash of wine to wash it down!

Mel :)

Cheri said...

Prayers from CA too....actually I can't stop thinking about you all! These little steps are great steps...breathing on his own already? Wow..I am impressed Cathal! Reid did not breathe on his own for 8 long days his first surgery.

Cathal, you are a trooper. Rest up little guy! :)

Nan P. said...

Thanks to every one for thoughts and prayers - and Woofs ;-)

Cheri, I might not have express myself properly: Cathal's breathing is still very much assisted, BUT he is TRYING to breath in on his own, and THAT is a good little sign. Anything positive is welcome and encouraging.

jazzygal said...

Oh Nan P, that is fantastic news. Little by little is great. We can all expect too much sometimes.... nothing wrong with a bit of patience!

I'm sure he'll continue his progress...bit by bit...little by little.....and get a teeny bit stronger each day.

That's my wish for you all. I think of him every day. xx Jazzy

Lisa said...

that is great news Nan.
I wonder would you consider joining twitter just until Cathal gets home? I keep thinking about you and Cathal and his Mammy and Daddy all day.
more love to you.

Catherine's Mum said...

So glad and relieved to hear that Cathal's progress is improving, little by little. It's much better news than earlier in the week. Still thinking of you all and praying to Catherine for Cathal. I even have a blog friend recruited to join us all in prayer.
Love and hugs.