14 March 2009

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere…

Des bulles, des bulles partout…

Cathal is recovering, very very slowly but very very surely. His parents keep a vigil by his side in ICU, and I keep a vigil by the phone. It’s been a long few days, but all the messages we have received have been so heart-warming, and of great help.

Cathal se remet, très très doucement mais très très sûrement. Ses parents veillent à ses cotés en Soins Intensifs, et je veille près du téléphone. Ces derniers jours ont été longs, mais tous les messages que nous avons reçus nous ont fait chaud au cœur et ont beaucoup aidé.

It is amazing to think that people around the world, who have never met him andonly know about him through the medium of the internet, have been thinking of him so much.

C’est incroyable de penser que des gens autour du monde, qui ne l’ont jamais rencontré et ne le connaissent que par le biais de l’Internet, ont tant pensé à lui.

In particular I want to mention the French side of the family, who have been so supportive. All the Super-grand uncles and aunts, all the 3rd and 4th cousins (is that what they are? I get mixed up!) who have not met him yet, and have emailed me so much in the last few days. Some party we will have when they finally get to see him!

En particulier je veux faire mention du côté français de la famille, qui a fait preuve de tant de soutient. Tous les Super-grand oncles et tantes, tous les grand-grand cousins (est-ce bien ça ? c’est si compliqué !) qui ne l’ont pas encore rencontré, et qui m’ont envoyé tant d’emails ces derniers jours. Quelle fête nous ferons quand vous pourrez enfin faire sa connaissance !

So, as a thank you all, here is a video clip of the Little Prince himself.

Donc, pour vous remercier tous, voici un clip vidéo du Petit Prince lui-même.

Last Saturday, a week ago, the day before Cathal went into hospital, we had a quiet little celebration: early birthday presents, cake and singing. And a fun game with bubbles!

Samedi dernier, il y a une semaine, la veille de l’entrée de Cathal à l’hôpital, nous avons eu une petite célébration tranquille: cadeaux, gâteau et chanson d’anniversaire en avance. Et un jeu sympa avec des bulles !

The Mammy blew the bubbles with a special little gun, the Dad took photos (warming: flash photography on the clip!), Unkie Ro spoke in a funny voice about Cathal’s first tooth, and Nan shot the whole scene.

La Maman faisait les bulles avec un petit pistolet spécial, le Papa prenait des photos (attention: des éclats de flashe sur le clip!), Tonton Ro parlait de la première dent de Cathal avec une drôle de voix, et Nan enregistrait la scène.


Clive said...

We are so glad to hear that things are looking up and Cathal is getting slowly better! We will keep saying prayers for him.
Take care - little man's mum

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates Nan P you are great to keep us all informed as we are all dying for news and what a lovely video. Ava will fill him in on what he missed at Gymboree when he is better :-) xx Ciara

Jeffrey Goble said...

Thanks for the updates. Hope he gets to go home, soon.

Cheri said...

What a cutie pie!

Cathal...lot's of people all over the world are praying for you! We are thrilled that daily... little by little, you are making progress :). Pretty soon Cathal you will get to show off your new cool "tough guy" scar...someday it will make for a great story at show and tell at school.

jazzygal said...

Ah.....Magic Moments. great to see. Won't be long until he'll be able to enjoy, and make, some more magic moments.

Thanks for letting his know how he's doing....great to hear he's coming on.

Will be thinking of him and will keep him in our prayers. xx J

Anonymous said...

I have just caught up the life changing week you have had with Cathal, and I thank you for sharing it. I am sitting here in Sydney Australia, crying with a smile on my face as I read your blog. Knowing that Flynn's Nanny and Poppy think and feel like you do. From a Mum that has sat next to her little boy as he recovers from open heart surgery, well done. Grandparents are the often unrecognised rocks that hold families together during such tough times, as well as during the happiest. Happy Birthday Cathal, may the year ahead prove a little easier then the last.

South Dublin Dad said...

Nan P, just a quick note before I leave work to say as always we are all thinking of you and how much we appreciate your updates.

Hope to hear more soon.

Lisa said...

Dont you just love how much kids like bubbles?
xx What a cutie