12 April 2009

Early Easter Sunday Morning

Tôt le matin, dimanche de Pâques

I have not seen Cathal in such a good form since the surgery as when I arrived early this morning in the hospital. Later on, he even started flirting with his nurse… That is our Cathal! A really pleasure to see him like this.

Je n’ai pas vu Cathal d'aussi bonne forme depuis l’opération que quand je suis arrivée à l’hôpital de bonne heure ce matin. Plus tard, il a même commencé à flirter avec son infirmière… Ca c’est notre Cathal ! Un vrai plaisir de le voir ainsi.

And yes, we do speak a lot of French! And we admire the new bigger room Cathal is now in, away from the nurses station… It’s a good sign, no need for as much close supervision!

Et oui, nous parlons beaucoup en français! Et nous admirons la nouvelle chambre plus grande où Cathal est maintenant, plus loin que l’autre de la station des infirmières… C’est bon signe, plus besoin d’autant de surveillance !

Message for Reid: I told Cathal about you, and he says “Hi, Buddy!” – well, at least I think that’s what he meant by “Ah ta!”


Mel said...

What an improvement even since your last post :) He will be out of there in no time! Hope all you big people ate lots of chocolate for him, and next year he'll be making up for it ;)

Clive said...

Great to read that Cathal is so much improved and moved to a new room - further from the nursing station. A big step!

Cheri said...

Step by step Cathal is inching his way out of the confines of that hospital...good, good news!

Cathal thanks for the shout out to Reid... "Ah ta" right back at you! :)

jazzygal said...

That is FANTASTIC news Nan. So delighted to hear it.
Must be the thought of yummy easter Eggs!!!

Glad he's turning the corner. xx J

Lisamaree said...

I'm sorry what?

sorry, I was too busy wanting to pinch those little feet and I missed what you were saying.

Looking very fine Nan, lookin fine!

send Cathal Mammy and Daddy my love too.

Anonymous said...

A vous aussi bonne Pâques! j'aime la déco de la nouvelle chambre. En plus elle sent le retour proche à la maison! encore plein de bonnes choses pour la dernière ligne droite à l'hopital.
Dom et compagnie

Patricia said...

Nan, I have not checked your blog for a while and I'm so very glad that Cathal is improving.

He is a beautiful child; love that coloring. In case you don't remember, I'm Reid grandmother and from Dublin.