09 April 2009

One Month On

Un Mois après

It is a month since Cathal’s little “pump” has been repaired. A very good job has been done, and everyone is happy with it. It’s pumping away nicely, almost as completely as it should do. The little monitor by his bed tells the story, the heart beat count is “normal” and the oxygen saturation levels are top of the range - 100%. We had never seen figures like this during his previous stays!

Cela fait un mois que la petite « pompe » de Cathal a été réparée. Un très bon travail a été fait, et tout le monde en est content. Cela pompe bien, presque complètement comme cela doit le faire. L’appareil de surveillance près de son lit en donne la preuve, le nombre de battements du cœur est « normal » et le niveau de saturation en oxygène est au plus haut - 100%. Nous n’avions jamais vu de chiffres pareils durant ces séjours précédents.

Internal healing issues are still present, poor Cathal is still fed by IV (it has been two and half weeks now!), he still does not like nurses or doctors touching him, even talking to him. But the horrible chest drain has not gone back in, so it is much easier now to pick him up and give him long hugs. But he is in much better form to play.

Les problèmes de cicatrisation internes sont toujours là, pauvre Cathal est toujours nourrit par intraveineuse (cela fait deux semaines et demi que ça dure!), il n’aime toujours pas que les infirmières et les docteurs le touchent, ou même lui parlent. Mais l’horrible drain thoracique n’a pas eu à être réinséré, donc il est pus facile maintenant de le prendre dans les bras et lui faire de gros câlins. Mais il est en meilleure forme pour jouer.

Thank you Ava for the balloon.

So we are bidding our time, patiently - or should I say impatiently???? It is going to be another 10 to 15 days at least before he sees the front door of his house. Patience is a virtue, or so they say!

Donc nous attendons, patiemment – ou devrais-je dire impatiemment ??? Il faut attendre au moins 10 à 15 jours avant qu’il ne voit la porte d’entrée de sa maison. Patience est une vertu, dit-on !

In the mean time, during our quite one-to-one moments, I have kept Cathal updated on all the messages I have received for him, and he tanks everyone for them. He wishes you all a Happy Easter!

En attendant, pendant nos moments seul à seul, j’ai régulièrement transmis à Cathal tous les messages que j’ai reçu pour lui, et il remercie tout le monde. Il vous souhaite tous de Joyeuses Pâques !


Nick McGivney said...

Such relief and joy after such tension. What a horrible time we all have of it sometimes. I'm sorry that I haven't been around so much lately, but quite obviously Cathal has been keeping you all on the straight and narrow. What a man. And a lucky one too that he has such wonderful support. And if he wants to have a tantrum well I think he may have earned it. I'm so pleased for all of you.

God bless (the agnostic one, in yr case!)

Mel said...

Cathal is looking great, and quite the maestro too! You do realise that the talented ones are entitled to be a bit temperamental ;)

Hopefully those 15 days or so will fly by, and he will be back home and into everything, like a boy should be!

Anonymous said...

Merci pour toutes ces bonnes nouvelles et merci pour le français, mais finalement on s'habitue aussi à l'anglais, même si les termes médicaux un peu techniques sont un peu compliqués!! Ca nous fait de l'exercice!
Nous vous souhaitons joyeuses Paques également.
Nous continuons de penser très fort à vous tous et tout particulièrement à Cathal. Un grand merci et bravo pour son concert de xylophone!
Grosses bises
Mélanie, Alain, Marion et Soline

Clive said...


Lovely photos of Cathal and who can blame him for the odd tantrum and getting totally fed up with all the medics.

A month is a long time for you all to be in hospital - fingers crossed its only another two weeks and he will be home.

Take care
little man's mum

Anonymous said...

Merci des bonnes nouvelles mais aussi pour les photos et vidéo de Cathal le super musicien !
Cela nous permet de voir qu'il est en meilleure forme. Encore un peu de patience et bientôt ce sera le retour à la maison où il retrouvera ses habitudes entouré de ses chers parents, de sa famille sans oublier les "potes" qui viendront lui rendre visite.
Nous vous souhaitons également de bonnes fêtes de Pâques à tous et merci à Cathal pour ses bons souhaits transmis par sa Nan Pascale.
Gros bisous à vous tous et un câlin en plus au p'tit prince.
Malika & Lucien

jazzygal said...

Ah, thanks for showing us the lovely photos Nan. Cathal is SUCH a trooper. So good to see him showing an interest in his toys..... and to see him looking well.

Fingers crossed here too and I wish Cathal and ALL of you a very Happy Easter! xx J

Jeffrey Goble said...

He is looking most lovely, indeed. I don't know what's worse, keeping him too long, or shoving him out the door(more apt to happen, here. . . ). It is terrific that his care is so good.
So, shall we say "Oui to ennui!"; beckon boredom as a beloved byproduct of burgeoning blessings? I believe so.

Cheri said...

Nan...what a road this has been for little Cathal and all of you. But, so glad to hear that his oxygen levels are great and his heart is pumping strong. All the rest internally will work it's way through...continuing to keep Cathal in our thoughts and prayers!

I love that you posted this little video of him...Reid heard Cathal and walked over to check it out. Reid had his own little conversation with cathal...babbling lots of things and then laughing and patting the computer as if to say, "hi friend!".

So, okay "little friend"..we are watching and waiting from California to see you bust out of there soon, stronger than ever!

Lisamaree said...

I see mummy and daddy are doing the "first time parents" thing with the wooden toys! My husband used to be a toy buyer and there is a keen demographic of first timers and childless aunties and uncles who buy the wooden stuff. The rest of us go straight to the plastic.

Cathal is proving himself just as durable thankyou so much to Kali and whatever powerful angry goddesses have protected him and kept his defences strong. Being cute must be annoying with all those nurses around doting on him but at least he will always get his buzzer answered, beauty can be a curse and a blessing in this world.

Thanks Nan for keeping us tuned!