28 March 2009

First Official Interview Since…

Première Interview Officielle depuis…

Prince Cathal has been feeling increasingly better these last few days and decided yesterday, to statisfy all his fans, to allow the international press into his hospital room for the first photos since his Big Op.

Prince Cathal se sent de mieux en mieux ces derniers jours et a décidé hier, pour satisfaire tous ses fans, d’autoriser la presse internationale dans sa chambre d’hôpital pour les premières photos depuis sa Grande Opération.

The prince, sitting up in bed
Le prince, assis dans son lit

With Mr Strong (thank you Noah). But who is who?
Avec Monsieur Fort. Mais qui est qui?

Yes, he is bruised, even on his hand!
Oui, il a des bleus, même sur la main !

So Prince, how would you describe your experience?
Donc Prince, pouvez-vous nous décrire votre expérience?

“Mammy, I need a hug!”
« Maman, J’ai besoin d’un câlin !”

“That’s better”
« C’est mieux »

Anything else you want to tell your fans?
Voulez-vous dire autre chose à vos fans?

“Enough for today, I am tired…”
« Assez pour aujourd’hui, je suis fatigué… »

Smiles were given to this journalist only once the camera was turned off. Typical Celeb behaviour!
Les sourires ne furent offerts à cette journaliste qu’une fois l’appareil éteint. C’est bien l’attitude d’une célébrité !

PS – Following my last post, I did not see any magic wand appearing. However Lisa-Hammie’s Jeannie-flicking-of-the-ponytail-with-*blink*, Jazzy’s twitching-her-nose-while-clicking-her-red-shoe-heels-3-times, and all the other comments seems to have helped, as you can see. These comments were like virtual hugs. Thank you all ;-)


Cheri said...

Oh he looks SO good, his coloring too...any word on when he gets to break out of there?

Clive said...

Nan, we are so pleased. Cathal looks so well. They are lovely photographs and you are very good to share his progess with us all.

jazzygal said...

Oh wow Nan P.
What progress. So delighted to see the photos. The poor little mite has been thru so much.

He's looking good though and I reckon he could teach Mr Strong a thing or two! He'll be home in no time. xx J

Jeffrey Goble said...

Great pics (he makes any setting look good, it's that star quality). Thanks!

Lisamaree said...

Looks like a bit of a Sean Penn developing in that last shot (watch out paparazzi)

I do love a bit of Brio myself, can I come and play trains with you Cathal? I have a Postman Pat set.


Mel said...

He is looking FABULOUS! Yay! Hope he continues on and gets home soon :)

Anonymous said...

Super le reportage, super!

Et merci pour les nouvelles régulières par email. Bisous à Cathal et ses parents

Martin said...

Cathal looks so well, I think he is definately Mr Strong!!!

Anonymous said...

cela fait plaisir de voir ce petit homme joué, gazouillé et avoir bonne mine. après cette épreuve, il semble encore plus fort. Plein de bisous à cathal mais aussi plein de calins bisous à sylvaine et martin. dom

Nick McGivney said...

This was worth stopping by for. C'mon the trooper!