25 March 2009

In and Out

Poor little Cathal has been having it rough. It’s not surprising after the kind of surgery he has had. He has been pricked, poked, jabbed, cut. Cannulas, drains, and leads have been inserted. He has been given morphine, pain killers, antibiotics, drugs for speeding this up and drugs for slowing that down, more drugs for assisting this and other drugs for preventing that. And I am not even mentioning the surgery itself!

Apart from the surgery scar – which looks quite neat and is healing nicely – he is full of marks of all shapes and sizes, not to mention bruises.

The poor little thing needed another short visit to theatre yesterday, a quick In and Out job, to sort out a side issue. He was back in his room and fully awake within 2 hours. But it will be several days before we know if this is working and get confirmation that his recovery is definitely on the right road.

No wonder he is Mr Grumpy most of the time! An adult would not put up with this kind of treatment. Life can be tough, and this barely one year old has had more than his fair share.

Having said this, since the weekend, he has been sitting up for increasing periods of time and has again started taking an interest in toys around him. Not only his own, but toys belonging to the ward as well. Seeing him repeatedly knocking down a stack of cubes made me feel very good.

I am not the most patient person (and believe me, this is a big understatement!). At this stage, I feel that Cathal and his parents have gone through too much, enough is enough, I want him all recovered right now, so that they can all go home and get on with life.

If only this were possible! Has any one got a magic wand to lend me?

Yet I must remember that the magic has already happened: his little ticker is ticking very well.

And THAT is the main thing...


Nick McGivney said...

That is everything, Nan. If we could, we'd take on the pain. It's somehow worse to have to observe it. But it will pass. This little fella has milestones to fly past, and they'll come thick and fast. If we could only wish the hurt gone and make the time stretch.

Clive said...

Nan, we're thinking of you, Cathal and his parents all the time. A very hard time for all of you.

Jeffrey Goble said...

Here's to the day when all of this is a distant memory.

Cheri said...

Reid has lots of battle scars too where different lines were in... not fun, but oh such a celebration when each new line comes out and each medication is eliminated. We are hoping that he is on the home stretch to healing and that he will be back in his cozy home soon amongst his familiar toys.

Nan I remember you commented once about a picture I posted when Reid was in the hospital...and you commented on how natural and normal his sleeping position was, like was at home....that is how I picture Cathal when you mentioned him knocking down blocks...getting his spunk back that I imagine Cathal having. These are good signs!

Lisa said...

I will blink and flip my ponytail for you Nan.
there, some healing Jeannie waves are on the way!

Anonymous said...

The little guy is doing great, each day passing will give him another day's strength so stick with it and you'll be enjoying each other back home before you know it. Thinking of you all, Martin.

jazzygal said...

I've no magic wand I'm afraid Nan P. But I think I'll join Lisadom.I'll twitch my nose....many times...

**twitch** etc.

Oh...and I'll put my red shoes on and click my heels 3 times and say..... "There's no place like home, There's no place like home...."

And I'll hope...and pray that a little magic happens and your brave little BABY Prince will be home. Very soon.

Thinking of you.. XX Jazzy