17 March 2009

Oh Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

Forget about toying with the idea of doing the Fat Monica Dance… We are way passed this stage!

Cathal was transferred out of ICU this evening. He is nicely tucked away in his little room in St Theresa’s Ward in Crumlin Hospital, all warm and comfy (well, kind of, the poor little thing) with his Mammy and the Dad by his side.

I was able to see him, talk to him, touch him and kiss him. He gave me a glimmer of a smile, just to prove how brave he is.

So now we can all do the dance.

Oh Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!


Cheri said...

Such fantastic news!!! Woohooo!!!

Mel said...

That is wonderful news. I was thinking of you all yesterday- St Patrick's Day here- and wondering how Cathal was doing. Sounds like he is a true champion! He'll be home before you know it ;)


Jeffrey Goble said...

Most Excellent News!

Lisa said...

ah that's great news. Thankyou!

Clive said...

We have been off line for a few days but great to check in today and hear such good news. Hope all is continuing to go well.

Anonymous said...

Encore une bonne nouvelle! Je ne me lance pas en l'anglais... je suis plus à l'aise pour le lire ou avec le vocabulaire bancaire!!
Nous étions impatients d'avoir des news, merci le blog et les nouvelles technologies!
D'énormes calins à Cathal de notre part, maintenant que c'est possible
Grosses bises
Mélanie, Alain, Marion et Soline