20 April 2009


Yes, at last, after 6 long weeks, Cathal went home this evening...!


What an adventure this has been! His Mammy will soon pick up the threads on her blog, I am sure, and I will be able to resume my “Grand” position.

In the mean time, I want to say a few “thank you’s” to several people – sorry if I sound like some recipient of an Oscar, a Bafta or some other award:

- All of you who read this blog over the last 6 weeks, and came back, and back again.
- All of you who left comments, or emailed me directly – it was hard to keep up-beat and positive all the time, and these helped oh! so much!
- All of you who said prayers, lit candle, did little “get well dances”, sent positive thoughts and good vibes into the ether and around the word, and tried some magicking (crossed fingers, winks and clicking of red shoes included).

It is amazing the level of support felt through this little blog, and very much appreciated.

And then, to family and friends who emailed, texted and phoned… thank you too!

Last but not least, I want to thank my agnostic god (or should I say Goddess? As for a long time this power higher than me has felt like a “Mother”) for helping Cathal through this and out the other side safe and well; and for looking after my own child and the Dad, and giving them the incredible strength they have demonstrated.

Now Cathal, his Mammy and the Dad can take a deep breath, and finally get back to normal life.

Ok, time for some virtual champagne – I think there’s one bottle left, that we didn’t drink it all. Isn’t that right Jazzy? ;-)


Ciara said...

It's the best news ever Nan P.! Break out the bubbly, do the Monica Fat Dance and just enjoy having him back and giving him lots of cuddles without wires and machines getting in the way. Ava can't wait to give him her own hug x

South Dublin Dad said...

Massive well done to you guys for being such great family to Cathal, he is lucky to have you. Delighted to hear he is home :)

Nick McGivney said...


Clive said...

We thrilled! Absolutely fantastic news!

Well done to everyone,
Clive and family

My name is Sarah said...

GREAT NEWS!!!! I'm sure Cathal feels so much better in his own home and momma and dadda too.

Cheri said...

Aaahhhhhhh.....HOME, there is no place like it!!! I am so thrilled for all of you... Time to take a deep breathe and move slowly and gracefully back to normal...yet changed forever at the same time. You can't go through the last 6 weeks as a parent, or grandparent without being changed, forever.

Cathal, you have been such a brave little guy while your heart got mended... we are so happy you are home and that you now get to get to the business of just being a little boy...and such a cute one at that!!!

Mel said...

At last! Hope Cathal sleeps well tonight in his own bed :) Excellent news Nan P!

jazzygal said...

Wow...fantastic news!!

I am so, so thrilled to hear that baby Prince Cathal is home. I'm sure you'll have some wonderful photos for us!!

And, that's the thing about virtual Champagne..... it NEVER runs out! There's ALWAYS another bottle!!

Clink....Clink.....CHEERS! xx J

Anonymous said...

yoooooooopiiiiiiii! suuuuupeeeeeeer! que de bons moments à venir!
dom and co

Sesame said...

welcome home little Cathal...delighted for you all Nan P. ... may he continue to grow stronger and stronger

Lisamaree said...

Oh Nan I am delighted to hear this wonderful news. Good for you, Good for Mammy and Daddy and Hooray for Cathal!