01 April 2009

I Finally Got Them!

At long long last, after years of trying, going on line well in time, and waiting, waiting, waiting some more (I draw the line at queuing all night in the street, and paying anything else but face value), after years of hoping, wishing, and bemoaning to all and sundry that it was not fair that people get SIX of them for TWO NIGHTS in a row, and I could not even get two, just two, just this once, just for one night…. I finally got them!

What am I talking about?

Need you ask?

Tickets for a U2 concert, of course!

I have never managed to see them live… This will be all reversed next July, on Monday the 27th, in Croke Park, Dublin, where I will be screaming my head off, and rocking my socks off all night.

This might not have anything to do with my journey through Grand-Motherhood. But I just want to put it out there: I AM A GRANDMOTHER WHO ROCKS!

So there…! Now you know.

No April fool here, I did need something to celebrate today: Little Cathal has hit a little block on his road to recovery, and it’s slowing down his progression towards the hospital exit and the way home! But that is for another post.

I got tickets, I got tickets! Hooray!

All I need to do now is Get On My Boots.


My name is Sarah said...

WOW!!!! You go have fun.

Mel said...

You go Nan P!

Clive said...

Go and have a great time Nan, you deserve every second of it!

Leonard Cohen would do it for me - his tickets go on sale next week and I'm already counting down to the days to July!!

Jeffrey Goble said...

Achtung, Baby!
We got ours, yesterday, too!
We have to wait until October to use them, however!
Go, Grandma!

Nan P. said...

Blogdog, I like Cohen too, but find myself feeling very low after a few songs... maybe because I always end up listening to the same ones, the SAD ones! Damien Rice has the same effect on me. These days, I stear clear away from these two oh so talented singer/song writters.

Elbog, I'll send you my impressions after the concert, just to wet your appetite!

Lisamaree said...

Good on you Nan! and what a release after the weeks of worry. what's the new album like?

Lisamaree said...

Have tagged you with a meme hon. it's a fun one.

Cheri said...

Oh this cracked me up...I LOVE that you are a grandmother that ROCKS! You do "rock" Nan...have fun!!