16 March 2009

Oh Yeah!

Seven days after his open heart surgery, Brave Little Prince Cathal is giving us an excuse to celebrate. Oh Yeah!

The pacemaker has been switched off all day, his little heart is doing ALL the work ALL by itself. Oh Yeah!

The Ventilator has been completely switched off this afternoon and the tracheal tube removed. Oh Yeah!

Cathal is still all doped out – he will need some detox when this is all over, the poor thing! – but he is awake enough to look at his Mammy and the Dad, to try to smile at them, and, though his voice is not in working order yet, to try to give out. Oh Yeah!

So today has been a good day, with lots of progress.

There is a funny little music in my head this evening, and my mind is toying with a little dance that looks like this…

But where are my celebratory doughnuts???


Anonymous said...

Oh Nan P that is the best news ever!! Me and South Dublin Dad are doing the Monica Fat Dance here we are so delighted. Pls send best wishes to Mammy Daddy and the Prince from us and Ava, cant wait to hear him giving out :-) xx

jazzygal said...

Wonderful, Wonderful news.

So delighted for you all....another step (big one this time!) along the way.

Keep going, brave Prince Cathal. xx Jazzy

Lisamaree said...

Thankyou. And love to Mammy and Daddy Cathal too. Bet they need a good nights sleep.

Cheri said...

We'll do the Fat Monica Dance too...that had me cracking up!

SUCH FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!! News you all needed to hear! Can't wait to hear the tires screech when they are on their way out of the hospital for good. Cathal is one brave little guy!

Jeffrey Goble said...

Excellent news!

Anonymous said...

Thats the best news! Im so glad for all of you, you were all in our thoughts!! Noah misses his buddy and cant wait to see him. Take care, Shelly, Martin and Noah xx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful News! Thanks so much for keeping us updated.
Onwards and upwards Cathal, you are a fighter!

Auntie Margaret