10 March 2009

What a Ride!

Day 1 (10th March 2008) started with the knowledge that a brand new little person was going to join our family that day.

Day 365 (9th March 2009) ended with this little person lying in Intensive Care recovering from open hear surgery that very afternoon.

What a ride it has been during these 365 days!

My little Prince Cathal, today, on your 1st birthday, while you are enjoying the relative comfort of full sedation and the care of the incredible staff of Crumlin Hospital, I want to thank you for coming into our lives, and making everything so differently meaningful.

On a personal note, I want to thank you for introducing me to a world I had heard of, but knew so little about, and educating me through it. I look forward to continuing this road with you.

Thank you for pushing me to explore hidden aspects of my being. Hey, you even got me to donate blood, me the squeamish one! And to consider walking the Dublin Mini-Marathon in June in aid of the Dublin branch of Down Syndrome Ireland (yes, I said walk, let’s not push it, and 10k will be more than enough!). You got me to learn all kinds of medical terms, to sign as I speak - and thus slow down my speech, some feat!

Thank you for the laughs we share, the hugs (oh, the massive hug you gave me yesterday morning as we were waiting for you to go in surgery), the big wet slobbery kisses (my face has not quite recovered from the one you gave me last Saturday as I picked you up after your afternoon nap), the absolute trust when you fall asleep in my arms, the great games and songs I have had to learn all over again!

I salute your joy, your strength, your courage, your energy.

I also salute the strength, courage and energy of your parents. Cathal, you have chosen well – I am so proud of them, of the beautiful transformation you triggered in them.

Little Cathal, keep recovering, so that your newly fixed little heart serves you for another 99 years – since I intend on reaching the grand old age of 100, so should you! ;-)

With all my love.

PS: Surgery went well. So far so good…


Clive said...

Nan-P - what a few days you have all been through. We will be thinking of Cathal and saying a few extra prayers as well for him and all the family over the next few weeks. Good to hear that all is going well at the moment and that he got through the operation well. A very happy 1st birthday to him too! One that none of you will ever forget! With lots of love and extra woofs ...

South Dublin Dad said...

Nan P, we are all so delighted to hear all went well so far. Cathal has dominated everyones thoughts the past few days and we are all so pleased it went well.

I really enjoyed your post and the superb photo, your doing such a fab job so keep it going!

Mel said...

Hi Nan P. I have tears in my eyes reading this, and am super glad to hear Cathal is doing well. It is amazing that although we are so far away and have never met any of your family that I have been worrying about you- and would probably never come across you but for our wee men :)

Thanks for the update.


PS now freezing here and I have had to light the fire. Not happy!

Lisamaree said...

oh Nan! I had no idea he was in hossie today. Happy Birthday Cathal and all the Cathal family. Sending you love and all my best energy.

So you are doing the Mini Marathon? I walk it too usually, might be fun to walk together at least part of the way?

(Being australian i will have to clothesline you at some point and make a sprint for the finish; that's just how we roll)

Cheri said...

What an absolutely beautiful tribute!

I was so glad to see there was an update...I have been thinking about you all...especially little Cathal! I am so glad the surgery seemed to go well. The picture of him and his birthday cake is absolutely angelic... he could not be any cuter!! Happy Birthday Cathal!

Clive said...

Nan, we're great believers in the power of prayer and lighting candles in this house so we're just in from lighting several candles for Cathal. We're all thinking of him.