01 March 2009

Great Aunt

Cathal has lots of great aunts. He has also one Great Aunt from France who is visiting him these days.

She is my only sibling, my own little sister, closer in age to Cathal’s Mammy than to me, and – to make things more confusing – her third child is only 8 ½ months older than Cathal… And these things are supposed to happen only in large Irish families???

So here she is shortly after she arrived (without any of her men – 1 big, 3 little) on Friday. She even got to visit Cathal’s school…! As you can see, it’s great fun!

Dom est ici pour quelques jours, sans ses hommes… elle a même pu aller à l’école avec Cathal. Comme vous le pouvez le voir, on s’y amuse bien !


Clive said...

They are wonderful photos! Everyone looks so happy. How lovely to have such a young great-aunt!

Mel said...

What a GREAT aunt! Teehee

jazzygal said...

Lovely photos. Your Little Prince is enjoying the company and giving great joy to all! XX J

Anonymous said...

thank you for the nice comments!!! and it is nice to have a so lovely Cathal. j'ai passé de supers moments avec ce petit prince... et j'admire toutes les trésors d'imagination de Sylvaine et Martin pour solliciter son fils, attirer son attention, créer des jeux pour qu'il développe sa motricité... que de créativité, de patience et d'amour.

dom la great aunt!