21 March 2009

To the Mammies

Because of the day that is in it, I want to salute the Mammies.

Being a Mammy is not an easy task, at the best of times. I will not go so low as to expand in the vein of the sickly sugary-coated way the cards being given this Sunday are written. I simply want to acknowledge that, though the rewards, and the joys, and the love received back, are beyond the comprehension of those who are not Mammies themselves, being a Mammy can be tough.

Even tougher for the Special Mammies. I have had a little glimpse of this through Cathal’s Mammy for the last year. And I take my hat off to her!

Even tougher if your little one has to go to hospital for surgery. And when it’s serious surgery as Cathal’s, Oh My God! How can a Mammy get through this?

So I salute
all Mammies, all Special Mammies, and all those Mammies that have sat by their child’s hospital bedside. I hope you all have a nice Mother’s Day – and if you are a Mammy reading this outside of Ireland or the UK, this is for you too, as you all deserve recognition... ;-)

As for the Dads, they will have to wait their turn, won’t they?

Update on Cathal: his recovery is a question of “nice and slow”. He is taking his time through it, but considering what he has gone through, he is well entitled to this. I cannot imagine how sore he must be, and just wish I could do something for him... We are so powerless, aren’t we?


jazzygal said...

Lovely thoughts Nan P.

A very Happy Mothers ( and Grandmothers) Day to you too! Grandmothers are very special too!

Glad to hear Cathal's making progress. I think of him often. xx J

Lisamaree said...

As long as he goes forwards Nan - let him take his time. Sending you and Cathal's Mammy love for mothers day too.

Jeffrey Goble said...

Happy Mother's Day to all of you on the Emerald Isle. I must admit that I had a minor panic attack at the words, first thing this morning; I had to check the Google machine to reassure myself that Mother's Day here is still, in fact, on May 10, whereupon I was greatly relieved.
Mothers make the world go round.
It's my experience that our kids take their own sweet time, and, if the expression fits, use it. I'm grateful and happy that he's moving along.

Nick McGivney said...

Good man Cathal. I look forward to meeting this little soldier sometime soon. He's a lucky guy to have all those big ones looking after him too. Positive energy and prayer to the wee man.


Cheri said...

Whew...I had to take a double take to on the date too. How small is my world that I just figured Mother's Day everywhere was in May ( I'm cracking up :) ). Nan P. thanks for broadening my world in many ways. So glad Cathal is making progress...slow it may be but as the saying goes, "slow and steady wins the race". We are still cheering him on from afar.

Happy Mother's Day to you...and Cathal's Mammie!

South Dublin Dad said...

Lovely post, was most fortunate to see Cathal Saturday and was delighted to see he is slowly on the mend.