11 March 2009


Following Cathal’s heart surgery on Monday (aka: The Big One), our little man is stable, but his recovery is very, very slow.

So any spare positive thoughts, good vibes and even prayers that can be sent his way are more than welcome.



Lisa said...

thanks for letting us know. Sending you all my loves.

Mel said...

We are thinking of wee Cathal and all your family, and hoping he is better and rearing to go soon :)

Anonymous said...

Have been thinking of him nonstop (and all of you) and will continue to pray for him I promise xx Ava's Mum

jazzygal said...

The poor little mite.

I'll be thinking of him....and all of you...and sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

I'm sure he'll be givin lots more big sloppy, squisy hugs real soon.

Get well real soon, Little Prince Cathal. xxx J

Jules said...

Oh,i hope he will get well soon...I pray for him and to all of you.Be strong and always pray..

South Dublin Dad said...

Good to hear this improving he is improving, so many people out there sending you guys positive vibes and cant wait to see him again soon.

D x