18 June 2009

To All the Dads

It’s your turn. Didn’t I tell you it would come, some months back when I celebrated all the Mammies? Well here it is.

Daddies are great. They come in all kind of shapes and sizes, physically, mentally, emotionally. Yet what you see first is only a front: I love the way they can just transform before your eyes once they start talking about their children. Forget the tough guy attitude, forget the professional business man, forget the hard negotiator, forget the legal expert, forget the sports fanatic, forget the IT genius. They just melt and transform when Baby comes into the picture.

Cathal’s Dad has been incredible since this little boy came into our world. It has not been easy, as we know, but he stepped up to the challenge, and I want to publicly acknowledge that I do not think Cathal could have chosen better.

Through blogland I have come to know a little about some other great dads, especially those “DS” dads. So to all of you, I say: “Here’s to you!”


PS. I know that Daddy’s Day is next Sunday (at least here in Ireland) and that I am a little early. But I will be away from any internet access this weekend, forcing me to detox from my web-addiction. So better early than late ;-)


Mel said...

I am with you on that one- Dads are great :)

Lisamaree said...

Have a lovely weekend with the frenchies Nan xx

Clive said...

Yes, indeed, I know one little man's dad who isn't half bad either!

Have a lovely time in France - you all deserve a great weekend!

Take care!

Jeffrey Goble said...

Golly, thanks!
That Cathal knows how to pick 'em.

jazzygal said...

Nice Post! Although I say every Sunday is Father's day! Well, every 2nd one anyway as the man in this house gets to play golf.... even if it falls on Mother's day!!

Oh, have a lovely break Nan P! Enjoy... u SO deserve it. xx J