28 July 2009

What a Night!

So last night I went to see the Boys since they were in town.

Anticipation was high, especially as I had never, ever, been able to see them live until now. Had heard a lot on the media, of course, and from some people who had seen them on the Friday and the Saturday night...

Everything I heard, everything I was told was so, so wrong. Because...




What a Night!

What a Concert!

What a Show!

It was so, oh so much better than anything I thought it would be.

The stage is amazing. Croke Park is no small stadium, but it was totally dwarfed by the Claw. And as night fell, the lights, the colours, the movements, turned it into a mesmerising experience. Some feat of engineering!

The interaction with the crowd had to be experienced. On more than one occasion 80,000 voices were leading the band as one, instead of the other way round. All the boys could do was keep playing until Bono could eventually regain control of the lyrics!

I think this is one of the best, if not the best I have been at. Good thing I had decided to take today as a day’s holiday, as I feel very hung over – and no alcohol consumed on my part yesterday... it was not needed to feel high! My head is still swimming with the music, the sounds, the sights.

I did not take many photos and only a couple of minutes of video. I was far too busy soaking up the experience, rocking like crazy, and singing my head off. But here are a very few shots - some not so great, but it was hard not to move when at maximum focus of my little camera, with so much around me!

Oh yes, and just to prove I WAS THERE...

For those of you who might be going to see them in the months to come – ain’t that right, Elbog? – Get On Your Boots. But also hold on to your hats! Because you ain’t got no idea what’s coming!



Jeffrey Goble said...

Oh, yes! Have already seen a bunch on the YouTube, but there's no substitute for being there - "even better than the real thing", lol.
We're gonna see it in a huge venue; I envy your "intimate" setting. . . course, we saw them on the Rattle and Hum tour in the LA Coleseum - huge - but it was still awe-some. Sounds and looks amazing.

My name is Sarah said...

You are so cool!!! Looks like you had a super time.

jazzygal said...

Looks and sounds amazing Nan P! They've been getting great right ups....lucky you got to be part of it.

I meant to do a post on my visit to BGT in the O2 (nowhere near as exciting but was better than you think!) but never got to it.

Nothing like live entertainment I reckon. x J

Cheri said...

How fun.....Nan, you ROCK! :)