19 August 2009

D is for…

D is for Donkey,

and for Ducks,

and apparently for Chickens,

and for Tricks!

En anglais, D est pour « Donkey » = âne

Et pour « Ducks » = canards

Mais apparemment aussi pour poules, et pour performance !

And also for Hugs, of course!

Et aussi pour Câlins, bien sur !

Sorry for the sound: today was warm, but oh so windy!
Désolée pour le son, il faisait bon aujourd’hui, mais avec beaucoup de vent !


Anonymous said...

J'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadore le tee-shirt (sans le H mais avec plein de AAAAAAAAAAA)MANO

jazzygal said...

Oh, Nan P your last two posts are fabulous!

So good to see Cathal looking so well and doing so well. He is truly adorable and so clever!

Love the fact he's using your desk..it looks in great nick too.

And a sleepover with Nana too! Fabulous.

It's a big Hi 10 from me too!

I thought of you today when I saw the headlines about the Downs' Syndrome Synod...hope all went well. xx Jazzy

Anonymous said...

Moi aussi j'aime le tee-shirt! On dirait que notre petit homme a encore grandi! Et il a toujours de belles joues à bisous
Dom and co

Mel said...

He is too cute, that is for sure, and growing up into such a big boy.

I have contacts on the lookout for you at the World Congress Nan P, all the way from NZ :)