20 January 2010

It’s a Big One!

C’est un Grand!

Update 21.01.10 (evening): it seems there was a worldwide problem with Blogger.com, all videos are showing as black. Fixed now! - Il semble qu'il y avait un problème général avec Blogger.com, toutes les vidéos apparaissant en noir. Rectifié maintenant !

Today, 20th January 2010, Cathal’s Mammy is celebrating a Big Birthday. You know, one where the first digit changes...
Aujourd’hui, le 20 janvier 2010, la Maman de Cathal célèbre un Grand Anniversaire. Vous savez, un où les dizaines changent…

So, for this Big Occasion, we have recorded a special message for her:
Donc, pour cette Grand Occasion, nous avons enregistré un message très spécial pour elle :

Apologies for my fat lip and crooked smile (following my “incident” last week), but Cathal’s Mammy’s Brother had assured me they could not been see! Yea! Right!
Je m’excuse pour ma grosse lèvre et mon sourire de travers (suite à mon « incident » de la semaine dernière), mais le Frère de la Maman de Cathal m’avait assuré qu’on ne pouvait pas les voir ! Ouai ! C’est ça !

And Cathal’s own contribution is an example of his bum-shuffling…
Et le cadeau de Cathal est une démonstration de transport sur le derrière…

(Cathal loves this toy, especially pressing the button to make it go, then blocking its path. The extra noise it makes is great fun!
Cathal adore ce jouet, surtout d’appuyer sur le bouton pour le mettre en marche puis de bloquer sa route. Le bruit que cela fait l’amuse beaucoup.)

… as well as showing how to play with Marvin the cat.
… ainsi que de montrer comment jouer avec Marvin le chat.

So a Very Happy Birthday to my “little” girl.
Donc un Très Joyeux Anniversaire à ma “petite” fille.


Mel said...

I'm having trouble getting the video clips to work :( Any clues?

Anonymous said...

same here, video won't work. i was looking forward to seeing CAthal in action :-(

Margaret From Germany

Clive said...

Wishing Cathal's Mommy a very happy birthday!

Those video links can be a pain to try and get to work! We've had lots of problems ourselves recently with them.

Hope the celebration was a good one!

Anonymous said...

un super anniversaire à sylvaine. Quelle belle chanson... et tu es tres belle (on ne voit pas ton truc)quelle belle démo de grlissade sur le dernière : super le parquet pour cela.
dom and cio

Cheri said...

A happy belated birthday to Cathal's mommy! What sweet videos! ....and I am so impressed with your signing!!! And no, you could not see evidence of the fall...just pure beauty!! :)

Nan P. said...

Thank you Cheri and Dom for the compliment on my appearance. But I can see it, especially on big format! I had taken sling off for the video, it has now been replaced by a compression bandage on the whole arm and hand as it turns out I also damaged my wrist – though thankfully not broken. Such fun!

Anonymous said...

C'est tout de même mieux de pouvoir voir les vidéos avec Cathal qui "chante" pour sa maman. Il évolue bien ce p'tit bonhomme toujours aussi mignon. Quant à Nan Pascale, il faut le savoir que tu es tombée... Merci encore des nouvelles. Hapy birhday to you Sylvaine and all the best in your life !
Big kisses xxxxx
Malika & Co

jazzygal said...

Aww...big happy birthday to Cathal's mum!

And a well done to the fabulous Prince of Bum-Shuffling himself ;))

Just caught on your previous post. You poor thing...you must have gotten such a fright. You still look fabulous though! Hope you're feeling better.

I managed to fall on the ice in that bad weather you wrote about and have a fractured coccyx to show for it! xx Jazzy