19 April 2010

It’s all good!

The most important news,

the BIG ONE,

the one we have been waiting for, hoping for,

is very, very good indeed.

Cathal’s Mammy has the scoop here.

Thinking of only this time last year, it’s a big sigh of relief all around.

Little skip and dance, please.

And then, there is the smaller news, of the “day-to-day” type. Actually, it’s not news as such, just nice progression, but it has me absolutely delighted. Over the last few weeks, Cathal seems to have decided that I am IT. Or, as I keep saying, I am “flavour of the month”. Up to then, when I would meet up with him, he would do the “shy little boy” bit for a while: head on the side, half of a smile on his lips, looking at me tentatively and then away. A little game of hard to get. Eventually he would come into my arms, and hug, and we could talk, and play, and sing. But he needed a little time to start with.

It all changed two weeks ago or so. On that occasion, I was welcomed by a big smile on a happy face, a cheerfully hello sign, and even a Nana sign addressed to the nearest parent present. This was immediately followed by arms up, and the biggest tightest hug ever. We have not looked back since. Every time, the broad smile, the hello sign, the arms up, the strong hug... I just love it.

But most importantly, once this new little ritual is gone through, Cathal decides that his parents barely exist. Who does he want to talk to, play with, or sing with...? Who is to push the swing, put on the Lámh DVD, read the book...? Who is to feed him, change his nappy, bathe him, put him to bed, dress him...?

I just love it, love it, love it.

It’s not all easy, as I often need an interpreter for the sounds or signs he uses - they are more and more of them than I can keep up with, so Mammy or the Dad need to be in the background to assist. And sometimes, even they are not sure. But it does not matter too much, we are together, and enjoying ourselves. It’s all good.


Mel said...

How lovely! My mum had Luke and Emily today, and had 3 dirty nappies to change- poor mum!

Cheri said...

Ahhhh, that is fun, how fun to be the flavor of the month ;). I love that you guys call diapers nappies...or is it us calling nappies diapers??? ;).

Hooray on the news from the cardiologist....!!! Music to a family's ears for sure!!

Lisamaree said...

I saw that on facebook, wonderful. Doesnt matter that you dont understand Cathal- forces him to bring it up a level to get you to understand!!

Jeffrey Goble said...

Too cool!

The Muse... said...

That's great to hear Nan, Noah is the same with our parents (his grandparents), particularly the grandads for some reason, he will happily tuck in with them and have a nap (unheard of with us) or sit waiting patiently on the bottom step of the stairs if they are upstairs (again, unheard of for us...pattern forming here!). What mysterious power is it thay you grandparents are wielding?? And where can I get some of it please??!!

jazzygal said...

Ahh...that's fantastic news Nan P! So glad to hear it. How good it must feel to be flavour of the month too!! Enjoy it! xx Jazzy