22 August 2010

The Biggest News of the Year (so far)!

Or “In Line for a 2nd Stripe

Yes indeed. I must have done something right in my position of Grandmother, and proven that I can fulfil all duties and responsibilities as per the Job Spec. Otherwise, I am sure Cathal’s Mammy and the Dad would not be offering me a 2nd stripe to pin on my shoulder by early next year!

That’s right: Cathal will be a Big Bro in February. Wooohoooo is what I say to this. I thought I was excited when I first heard about Cathal, but this is different, and so much better. Because this time I am more prepared for what’s coming. I know what it’s all about. And I am really, truly, totally looking forward to it. It’s like having a sweet tooth and being offered a very nice desert: while you know it’s going to be a pleasurable experience, you don’t know how scrumptious it is until you taste it. Then it’s this big “Whoa” taste and you can’t get enough. And while you are taking your time savouring it, you are told that another different desert from the same chef is on the way to you…! How much better can this get? Heaven!

I do like these kinds of promotions. Keep them coming is what I say! Though other thoughts have crossed my mind as well.

The thought that it will be nice for Cathal’s Mammy and the Dad to have a more “typical” experience of parenthood, without all the trauma and drama of the diagnostic, of the hospitalization, of all the watching and extra care. I know having and raising any child is a full-time job. But I have realised that raising a Special Needs child is like a “double-time full-time” job. So it will be a change for them and I welcome it for them.

Also the thought that it will be brilliant for Cathal, getting him to take on Big Brother’s responsibilities will help him grow. And I am counting on the new little one to challenge him, and pull him and push him, just as any younger brother or sister would do, but even more so this case.

The only thing is that, at the back of my mind, I am thinking that even before he or she is born, there is this added responsibility looming in the distant future, responsibility for a special bigger brother that may need a little help with life every so often. I have already heard this sentiment about siblings expressed by a few parents, so I know my thinking is part of a normal process. In the end it’s nothing else than life and what it gives us. The natural order of things means that Cathal’s little brother or sister should be around, keeping an eye on him, long after their Mammy or their Dad are gone. But this is on the cards for him or her already!

Having said all this, I can’t wait for the Love Elastic to expand and stretch, and welcome this new arrival. More love to feel, and give, and receive. More opportunities for cuddles and hugs and kisses and fun. Bring it on!


Ais said...

Ah NanP Congrats,I love the way you can so eloquently put your thoughts to paper-just lovely. Tears in my eyes,such fantastic news for Cathal and all of you-Ax

Mel said...

How exciting! And congratulations to you all :) Cathal must be excited by the prospect of someone to boss around, poke and prod and do all things brotherly to/with! My brother and his wife live in Cambridge in the UK and are also having a baby (their first) in Feb. SNAP!

Cheri said...

Ooooooh such beautiful, beautiful news!!!

Congratulations to Cathal's Mammy and Dad...and to grandma! Double the fun and love I say!

I do understand your thoughts about looking to the future and the responsibility factor that the wee one on the way may feel obliged to... but I also think of the depth, and textures that will be woven in to baby brother or sister's personality as a result of Cathal's extra chromosome. ...My husband's brother has special needs and as a result there are layers and textures of compassion, and kindness, and just a pure love and respect for those with disabilities to the nth degree that my husband has that I find so beautiful, it made him stand out from the rest for me.... and I see it forming in my Luke because of Reid.

Baby brother or sister are going to be so blessed and such a blessing... and so happy for Cathal, he is going to have so much fun being a big brother!!

Clive said...

Huge congrats to you, and to Cathal and his Mom and Dad. Fantastic news!

As for being a sibling with a brother with special needs, I have to say that I think it has made our daughter ten times a better person having a brother with special needs. It has been a truly special experience for both of them and they are both the better children because of each other (I hope that makes sense!)

Congrats again!

jazzygal said...

Oh Nan, that is wonderful news! How exciting for you all! I wish them botha very happy and healthy pregnancy!

How I love the term "Love elastic"! Hope it expands to fit us all.

xx Jazzy

Anonymous said...

De retour de vacances je viens faire un petit tour sur ton blog pour voir les nouvelles... et là quelle découverte!!
C'est super, nous nous réjouissons avec vous tous!
Et bravo pour ta plume, tu arrives vraiment à faire partager tes émotions!!
Bises à tous et toutes particulières pour Cathal!
Mélanie et Cie

Anonymous said...

I have read your's and the Mammy's blog for a while now, and this post really touched me. Why I hear you ask, because my first born, is a blonde haired little boy with DS also. He is 12 months older than Cathal, and went through many of his challenges with open heart surgery etc.
Last week I had a new baby girl, and the depth of character my little man has shown through this experience has confirmed for me that no matter what my two little angels will be good for each other. They will each have the opportunity to teach each other new and wonderful things and build a relationship full of love and respect for each other.
How different was it the 2nd time round, no ICU, no heart defect, home after 4 days, pure bliss. I wish your family all the best over this exciting time.

Sesame said...

Oh WOW WOW WOW....biggest congrats all round...such brilliant news..will be wonderful for Cathal to have some company...know what you mean about responsibility falling on the little ones shoulders before it has even arrived but it will be no burden. Caring for others will become natural to this child growing up in such a loving family. Keep the grandchildren coming that's what I say lol...roll on Feb..xxx