02 January 2011

The Wheel of Life

It ended almost the same way it started, very cold, and very white. Almost right up to the last few days of December, snow paralysed our little isle, just as it did at the start of the previous January. Never had we seen the likes of it before. Down to minus 17.5 Celsius! Unheard of in our usually very tempered Atlantic climate.

Also unheard of were the events that brought us where the country now is: in such an economic and financial Arctic winter that my great-great-grand-children might have to pay the final cost it!

I got very angry during the year. The revelations kept coming, some criminal in my view, but who am I to judge, when I am only a taxpayer? An invisible fog kept lifting on the increasing ineptitude of a government which was found to have as much back-bone as an over-cooked spaghetti. Being the person I am, I tried to rationalise the situation, to understand how it all came to pass: I read the articles, I listened to the experts, I watched the documentaries, I followed the debates. And then I sat back and to paraphrase the great Miley Byrne, all I could say was: “Well Holy God!”

I don’t know what 2011 will bring us. But there is one thing I am certain of: I am not going to be bored. The mess has been made, we just have to accept it, and then find new ways not only to clean it up, but to improve, to progress. It is always in times of crises that ideas germinate best. History has taught us this, it’s in our nature, as human beings, to go around in cycles. The Wheel of Life is such a good analogy: it turns and turns, everything is repeated, going up, and down, and up... and yet humanity moves forward, with each turn. On a personnel point, if what is afoot comes to fruition in the next few weeks, I will really look forward to the challenge of doing my little part in the mess-clearing and improvement-setting. Fingers crossed...

And yes, the wheel is turning, on every level. Our own family is moving at its own pace. My own boy has “grown up” a little more in 2010 – though he will probably hate me for saying this. But he has chosen well, she is so nice! My own girl is “growing”, literally, and I can’t wait for this second grandchild to arrive in about 7 weeks’ time. Cathal is an absolute charmer: I was on the phone to him only yesterday, and, as always, he did not say much, but kept chuckling every time I spoke, and then sending me kisses... Major melt on this side, as always.

All in all, 2010 finished on a few good notes, all brought about by very simple pleasures.

Pleasures like Santa Claus bringing Cathal the third character in a series that is now complete for him. He was so thrilled.

Pleasures like ripping open lots of presents on Christmas morning:

NB: Cathal’s Mammy – who has never been much of a morning person – was the one most anxious to get up to see what had been delivered, and had the whole household downstairs around the tree by 7.30 am!

Pleasures like having Daddy pulling you up the hill in an ingeniously-thought-of-by-Mammy sleigh to make sure we could all have a scrumptious family Christmas dinner:

I'm ready, let's go!

Here we come...

Ho ho ho!

Pleasures like teaching Daddy how to use your very first laptop:

NB: You may need to turn the sound up on your pc

And finally the very simple pleasure of walking-walking-walking, especially when Mammy is there for stability and Nana is there to record it all:

Wishing you all the best you can have in 2011.


Mel said...

Looks like Cathal had a wonderful Christmas! Can't get to grips with all the snow- we are used to summer clothes for Christmas. looking forward to seeing the video, such amazing progress. Can't seem to make it go here. We are in Christchurch staying with my mum and off to the beach for the second day in a row, with poor Em's cast in a cover.
Hope the weather is improving for when the new baby arrives.

jazzygal said...

WTG Cathal! Look at him..walking! Wow...a very proud momemt.

I too am angry, very angy. The thing worse than the fact that this Government fecked up our country is the fact that they lied to us at EVERY turn and are probably still doing so. I know these things are cyclical but their ineptitude made things worse.

Yes, we need to pick ourselves up and get on with it but NOT with them at the helm. And their replacements needn't be too complacent either! We need political change in this country. We the people MUST insist on it. If we don't then we only have ourselves to blame...and our children/grand children may not forgive us.

Oh, that felt good to get that off my chest! Thanks Nan!

A very happy new Year to you and your family :-)

xx Jazzy

Nan P. said...

Mel – We couldn’t get to grips with all the snow either! More used to wind and rain and dampness… And they are thankfully back. As for the summer clothes and the beach for Xmas, don’t tempt me!

Jazzy – I am passed all the anger, for the time being at any rate. Though I seriously do not think that there is anyone out there who can truly lead us back to economic health. I think we’ll just have to do it ourselves, DESPITE the politicians. But I agree with you, it’s the increasingly blatant lies as the year progressed that really got me, like everyone else. You know the saying: “When in a hole, stop digging” - The 2 Brian’s and the 3 Mary’s certainly chose to ignore it! Better try and put it behind us, just for now, and concentrate on the positive, as I have tried to do with the photos and clips ;-)

Lisamaree said...

He is getting so grown up looking. Very posh haircut that! Quite the little Lord. I am rather happy that it is freezing again. Couldn't get washing dry in all that damp and wet fog. Bit of a freeze will sort out a lot of the bugs too. Sorry! xx

Kelly said...

I am so in LOVE with that little boy of yours, Nan! He is soooo HANDSOME!! Looks like you all had a fabulous Christmas!! And look at him go!! Keep up the good work, Cathal!!

A new year for new milestones!! Happy New Year!!