26 June 2011

Phone Conversation

Since Cathal has been about 4 months old, I have often spoken to him on the phone. It’s a nice way to keep in contact between the times I can see him, and can hold him, hug him, kiss him, and play with him.

In the very beginnings, Cathal heard my voice but had no idea where it was coming from and generally ignored it. Then came several stages when:
- he licked the phone - must have tasted nice!
- played with it - pressing the difference buttons is such fun
- eventually listened attentively, without a sound
- listened and answered with little baby gurgling sounds
- gave the phone a broad smile - though I could not see him, but his intentions where in the right place.

Until Cathal started giggling after every sentence I said, every question I asked. Obviously, this was highly entertaining.

And this giggling communication went on for quite some time. About a year and a half in fact.

Until last Friday lunch time.

I needed to make a quick call to the Mammy. And during our conversation I could hear Cathal in the background so I suggested that she gives him the phone once we had finished our own conversation. It went like something like this:

- Hello Cathal!
- . . . NANA!
- How are you Cathal?
- Nana!
- Are you well?
- Yeshhh!
- Are you good?
- Yeshhh!
- Did you have your lunch?
- Yeshhh!
- What did you have?
- . . . .
- Was it a nice lunch?
- Yeshhh!
- Did you go to school this morning?
- NO!
- Did you go swimming?
- Yeshhh!
- Was it nice?
- Yeshhh!
- Cathal, I must go now. Will you give me a kiss?
- *sound of kissing coming down the line*
- And here is a kiss for you Cathal.
*sound of kissing on my side, echoed by Cathal*
- Bye Bye Cathal

And the Mammy came back on the phone.

Nearly three years on, and I had just had my first two-way phone conversation with Cathal.


Signed: A Nana who got very emotional after this phone call.


verobirdie said...

Their parents and you must be so proud!

Sesame said...

Wow how amazing was that?? Good things come to those who wait...well done to Cathal..keep the phone calls going x

Clive said...

That is just wonderful!

We know only too well the joy of finally getting to have a conversation and one where there are answers to the questions asked!!!

Very well done to Cathal!!

We can just imagine the emotion of the whole thing!!

Anonymous said...

Hooray ... Nanna to Flynn in Sydney Australia has actually made a tape recording of Flynn's first phone message ... "Nanna Hi".

What a beautiful thing is conversation ... Go Cathal.

Cheri said...

Oh I love it!!! I would get emotional too...what a great window how how much he is developing and comprehending, just beautiful!

jazzygal said...

Aww.. that is so fabulous Nan! Cathal is coming on in leaps and bounds :-)

xx Jazzy

Andra said...

Thats just fantastic, very emotional I am sure. Lets hope you have many more of these wonderful conversations :)