23 August 2008

Visiting – La Visite

What better thing to do on a wet Saturday afternoon but to visit Nan – Il n’y a rien de mieux à faire un samedi après-midi pluvieux mais que de rendre visite à Nan.

NB 1: Because “we” speak two languages, this is a bi-lingual post
NB 2: Parce que “nous” parlons deux langues, ceci est bilingue.

The Brrrrr competition – La compétition de Brrrrr

Such fun! – Trop marrant !

I am the Champ! – Je suis le Champion !

It tickles… - Ca chatouille…

That was Exhausting, I need a snooze before going home –

Ceci était Epuisant, laisse-moi faire une petite sieste avant de rentrer



Lisamaree said...

Oh he's lovely NanaP. Couldn't you just eat him up? Makes me want to play Brrrs right now.
(You are lookin' good, but No, I am still not posing for photos on my blog)

Sesame said...

Thanks NanP for popping over..am loving your bi-lingual blog. we had a great time in dungarvan..c'est tres magnifique. (need to brush up on the old francais!) There is a special bond between Nanas and their grandchildren, I see it with my ma and its very obvious with wee Cathal and his NanP