27 November 2009

Pre-Weekend Madness

Things have been quite depressing in Ireland these last few days.

The rain and the subsequent devastating floods in the West and South are beyond belief. Lush green rainy Ireland has surpassed itself this time – I heard earlier this week that the whole Shannon river system received in 3 weeks one third of the average annual rainfall. No wonder the rivers have spread themselves so far, wide and deep! It’s a national catastrophe. I am so grateful the little nest I call home is dry and warm…

Then the report yesterday on more child abuse at the end of the Catholic clergy, and this time the denunciation of systematic cover up by the so-called Princes of the Church, often aided by the Garda themselves. As with the Ryan report, I felt physically sick…

Do I need to mention the looming and dreaded Budget 2009, less than a couple of weeks away?

And I will not talk about this bloody French “handball” that denied Ireland a place in the Word Cup – and before you ask, Yes I ALWAYS cheer for Ireland, and Yes it was so, oh so unfair, and Yes I much prefer Rugby to Soccer ANY TIME, and NO I will not talk about it again. So there!

And we are getting into the heart of winter, getting up at night, leaving home in the (so- called) morning in the dark, getting home without having seen sunlight. I do not like winter.

Added to all this Doom and Gloom, I have a sinking feeling that my addictive remission is slowly but very surely slipping away from me: you see, I am “a bit” of a perfectionist, and over time this has turned into the very dangerous disease of Workaholism. I had been very good for the last few years, but for almost a year now, as I enjoy what I do more and more, and see more and more good results from it, I am allowing myself to be sucked in… Let’s just say that very long days, and fiddling with ideas, and documents, and spreadsheets on my work laptop over the weekend are becoming the norm. The ensuing stress signs are pocking their little spikes at my brain and they are not nice.

So this morning I was not happy about tearing myself from my warm bed. Why couldn’t it be Saturday instead of Friday? My body was doing all it could to fight it, my brain was not much better, a totally fuzz. Even the scolding hot shower did not jolt me – I take Very Hot, not cold showers, I HATE COLD! Even the taste of my Xtra Strong coffee in the Xtra size cup, the smell of which should be enough to shake anyone, could not do it.

So there I was, trying desperately to focus and apply my make-up, and to do it in the proper order (… I kid you not!) when a strange sound came from the radio. By the time the DJ had explained what it was, I had laughed so much my stomach hurt, and I was not only awake, but my natural optimism had been returned, the day ahead looked bright, indeed the whole weekend looked promising.

This “sound” came from a clip available on You Tube. I later found it and watched it several times…

And I am still laughing.


So, in the happy sharing spirit I now feel, here it is. Enjoy, and Happy Cheerful Weekend.


Mel said...

I love the muppets! I saw this today too- reminds me of my brother pretending to be animal when we were really little... Luke saw a clip of it on the news, and was laughing his head off. I bet Cathal would love it too :)

Jeffrey Goble said...


Jen said...

I love this blog! I found it through Clive's.
I use a screen reader that talks so that I can read my computer, and it isn't great at reading French, so just as well you have it translated into English too!
Keep up the great work

The Sales Specialist said...

This is faboulous! Keep the darkness outside - no way could Cathals little red head ever be lost in the dark xx

jazzygal said...

Love it Nan P! Actually, I put that same video on my facebook page only last week! Myself and wiiBoy laughed our heads off!
the sorry thing is....I remember seeing it on the Mupppet show:D!! I'm a great fan of the muppets! xx Jazzy

Mel said...

I am sad (not really!) to mention that the All Blacks beat France over the weekend too! Helped out spirits over here anyway...hehe ;)