16 February 2010

Beware of Little Old Ladies

They may not be so innocent.

In fact, they may be down right nasty.

Take Granny O’Grimm for example:

I just love this film. It is so funny. It has so unnerving.

And she is so vicious. Yet she seems to have so many reasons to be! I can definitely see her point.

And I love the song during the credits...

Not all grannies are like Granny O’Grimm. Not all grannies scare and traumatise children in such a manner at bedtime. Even tales of Aliens lurking around the garden and house to steal our Underpants, or imitations of Wild Things Rolling their Terrible Eyes, and Gnashing their Terrible Teeth, and Roaring their Terrible Roars can actually be soothing. The fact that Cathal often falls asleep in my arms after I read him his bedtime story is a convincing proof, isn’t it? (Though please do not tell the Mammy that this is the way we prefer to do, as both Cathal and myself know he is supposed to go to sleep on his own, like a big boy, after the goodnight-hug. So let’s keep this one secret, ok?)

Sweet little Granny O’Grimm must have impressed quite a few people with her version of Sleeping Beauty, as she is soon going off to Hollywood, early March to be precise. For she has been nominated for an Oscar, in the Best Animated Short Film category. She is so thrilled about it that she has even recorded a messsage on this occasion:

Oh, what I would not give to witness Ms O’Grimm meeting “Brad Clooney”!

Best of luck to Granny, and to this little gem of Irishness: Brownbagfilms


Mel said...

That is great, thanks for sharing :) Reminds me of when I was little and my nana would put on her reading glasses, which were the kind which had little pointy bigs on the sides. I thought she turned into a witch when she wore them and would hide until she took them off!

jazzygal said...

Hahaha! Ahh...well done Nan P, very funny. She would definitely scare the livin' bejaypurs out of you alright!!

Hope she does well at the Oscars...God love Brad Clooney!!

I left a little something for you over on my blog if you'd like to drop by and collect it;)) xx Jazzy