28 February 2010

A little Sunshine

I was recently given a little ray of sunshine, in the form of this flower:

It was given to me by
Jazzy, who writes about very serious matters with, literally, a “step in her step”, a choreographed tempo in her posts. Thank you so much Jazzy for the compliments. And right back at you! So please add this flower to your collection.

Now is my turn to spread the sunshine.

And the Award goes to . . . (drum roll please)

In no particular order . . . (more drum roll)

Actually, let's make it geographic:

Half way around the world, to
Angela in NZ. I love reading Angela’s blog: she has a knack of making every day life seem simple. Yet the life of this large family, with its Trisomy Tribe, is anything but simple, as I previously posted (click here). Angela, you often make me smile, and put a lot of things into perspective for me, in your gentle and oh so humorous way.

Next, let’s stay in NZ, and give this Sunshine Award to
Mel. I enjoy reading about Luke "Skywalker’s" exploits, of his interactions with his brother Ben and sister Emily. Ben was right in his choice of name for his little brother: Luke is a true hero! As Luke is only a few months older than Cathal, I find an affinity with Mel, as if I was reading about my own Little Prince Charming in a very soon to be future.

Now, let’s cross the Pacific Ocean, and drop in on
Cheri. Reid is so cute, I often laugh at what he comes up with. In particular I am thinking of his demonstration (this goes back a year or so) of his baseball skills with . . . eggs! And more recently his dancing in front of the tv. Thank you Cheri for sharing some very special moments.

A hop across a continent, and another ocean, and we are back in Ireland. Where I want to give a special mention to
Fiona: she graciously and gracefully lends her fingers on the keyboard to the incredible prawn-loving, cuddly looking, hard working Clive and his Not So Little Man of the magic smile. I do not always comment on your blog, but I love reading about you guys, and I always smile while doing so. ;-)

Now for the Queen of the Blog Post, the woman who says things just as they are, who does not mince her words yet uses her Ozzy humour (tinged with a dose of Irishness, bound to after a while, isn’t that right?) to tackle all subjects that need to be raised, no matter how difficult. Hammie, I simply love you! So there! :-)

Finally, I cannot resist a little bit of nepotism. Cathal’s Mammy, please receive this Sunshine Award, if nothing else but for being such a fantastic mummy to my precious grandson. And for introducing me to Blogworld in the first place.

I know some of you have already received this award. If so, just take it again, and make a bouquet. If this is your first, and you feel like spreading the sunshine, don’t hesitate to do so.

In the mean time, thank you all for the lovely moments you give me on the net.


Angela said...

thank you so much nan - I never got an award before!

Clive said...

We are honoured and charmed and delighted! Thank you so much!

We love checking in on new blogs and your list is very inspiring - we can't wait to check them all out!

take care

jazzygal said...

Congrats again on your award and thanks for sending it back my way! I'm likking the idea of creating a virtual Bouquet of them...they are gorgeous!

I must have a gander through your blogroll too...... xx Jazzy

Lisamaree said...

ah shucks Nan! and I thought I was being so discreet and polite in my blog... xx

Mel said...

Thanks so much- this is my first award too! I plan to pass it on to one of my favourites- check out www.drivingwithnohands.blogspot.com if you haven't already.

Cheri said...

Awwww, Thank you!!! :) :)