07 June 2010

I WON! . . . well, kinda!

In my mind, I am a winner!

Not only did I do the Women’s Mini Marathon today...

but I improved on last year’s performance...

by a very impressive (if I may say so myself) FIFTEEN MINUTES!!!!

Here is the proof:

Passing the start line at 1 minute 33 seconds:

Passing the finish line at 1 hour 36 minutes 41 seconds:

I may be a little granny (only 1m55, or 5ft1 in “old money”), I may not run or even jog, but my goodness did I Power Walk this race in 95 minutes!

And in the rain, during the long wait before the start and throughout the whole race! That alone deserves a big “Well Done, Very Well Done Indeed” to all 40,000 ladies who did the 10k in Dublin today.

Yes, I do feel like a winner. My own children seen quite proud of me too!

Though Cathal was not a bit impressed by the sight of his very wet and adrenaline-high Nan!

But the real winner of my efforts is Heart Children Ireland. So far I have raised € 649, more is due in... a big THANK YOU to anyone who sponsored me.

And if anyone had meant to sponsor me on-line but did not get to do it, my page on mycharity.ie is open for donations until the 7th July – Just click on the Heart Children Logo in the sidebar.



jazzygal said...

Well done you! Great result indeed. You must be very proud of yourself. I really should get my act together and do the mini marathon one year! xx Jazzy

Mel said...

Good on you. You would leave me in your dust! I'm most impressed.

Anonymous said...

Félicitations Pascale ! Cathal voit aujourd'hui toute l'agitation autour de cet événement... sans trop savoir... mais bientôt il comprendra pourquoi et il sera fier de sa Nan pascale ! Encore bravo à la super mamie et tout plein de bisous à tous + un spécial à Cathal...
Malika & Co

Clive said...

Huge congrats!

Very well done to you - we are very impressed with that great time you did the race in and the amount of money you raised!

- Fiona

Martin said...

Well done, that's a great time too!

Cheri said...

Very impressive!!! :)

Anonymous said...

et oui FELICITATION. comme tu le dis : "qu'est ce que ce oetit prince te fait faire!!" encore bravo. dom and co