15 October 2011

Sharks, Turtles and… Spiders!

Last Sunday afternoon Cathal and I went to Sealife, an aquarium South of Dublin.

The Sharks were a major hit, we spent a long time watching them and commenting on them.

The turtles were also a favourite, we had to stop and admire them twice. But the second time was the best, as Cathal proved it is possible to play Hide and Seek with sea creatures.

And to finish it all, yesterday evening I got a recital of Incy Bitsy Spider. Lovely!

PS – Cathal’s speech is coming along so much at the moment. He is acquiring many words and expressions so quickly that I do not always understand what he is saying. I am the one who needs to catch up! ;-)

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jazzygal said...

Great videos and wonderful to see how engaged....and engaging....your gorgeous Cathal is :-)

xx Jazzy