10 March 2010


The 10th March 2008 – Only a few minutes into our world
Le 10 mars 2008– Seulement quelques minutes dans notre monde

Next day, getting to know each other
Le lendemain, apprenant à se connaître

4 months old – 4 mois

5 months old – 5 mois

9 months old, with Super-Grand-Mother – 9 mois, avec Super-Grand-Mère

1 year old and so brave! – 1 an et si courageux !

16 months old – 16 mois

18 months old – 18 mois

21 months old – 21 mois

Now, at a full 2 years of age – Maintenant, à 2 ans complets:

Super dressed up for his birthday party – Super bien habillé pour sa fête d’anniversaire

Post-party tie and waistcoat off! – Sans cravate ni gilet après la fête!



Mel said...

He is so handsome! Funny how when they are first born, you look at them and wonder what they will grow to look like, and when they are bigger and look back, you can see it was written in their precious wee faces the whole time.

Hope Cathal had a fabulous second birthday, that you spoilt him rotten, and that his next two years are easy going :)

Anonymous said...

comme il est beau ce petit homme... et craquant. un super anniversaire et plein de bisous au petit prince et à sa nan.
dom and co

Clive said...

Wishing Cathal a very Happy 2nd Birthday!

What an absolutely gorgerous handsome little man he has become!

with very best wishes

Anonymous said...

Dear Cathal
You are extremly good looking !
Happy birthday again...
We wish you a good health and the best in your life.
I'm sure that you had have a nice day yesterday for your second birthday !
Thank you very much little boy to be here.
Big big Kisses & Lovexxxxxxx

jazzygal said...

Aww...Happy 2nd Birthday Prince Cathal!

What a lovely photographic journey through his evntful, precious two years. xx Jazzy

Lisamaree said...

Good Hair Cathal, VERY good hair!

Happy birthday man and happy Birth-day to mammy and grandmere too! xx

(can't believe it has been 2 years, GAH!)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Cathal!
he is such a sweetie - one could run away with him.
Many happy returns,

Cheri said...

These pictures make my heart smile! He is absolutely beautiful!! Happy 2nd Birthday Cathal...from California!