31 March 2010

Something very freaky here!

Last week, I noticed that the Christmas cactus on my bedroom windowsill was... budding. Surely this could not be right.

It usually starts showing little signs mid to late November, and is in full bloom (and by this I mean totally covered, like a perfect soft ball of pink) by early December, then it goes back to sleep for another year. I have another larger one, with differently shaped flowers, and that one is always about 2 weeks behind.

But no mistake, it is flowering alright. Not very many flowers, but they are there none the less. See for yourselves:

I have had it over 10 years, it has never ever flowered mor than once a year before.

If you think this is strange, there is more – if you live in Ireland, you know what is coming, but if you don’t... suspense, suspense!

Last week I definitely started smelling Spring in the air. And last weekend was quite nice. This, and the millions of daffodils showing their rays of sunshine, and the change to summer time gave me great hope. Summer was on its way (if you want proof, let Clive tell you all about it). Bye bye horrible winter, the worst, wettest, flooddiest, coldest we have had in years and years.

Then I woke up yesterday morning to a snow storm. Ok, it did not stick, but still...! And this morning my car was covered with a crust of snow. And I do mean crust: the wind-chill factor had hardened the thin blanket into a lovely crusty icing. Thankfully the roads were clear, but it makes me wonder: what the hell?

And did my cactus know what was coming? Freaky!


jazzygal said...

Very VERY freaky indeed Nan. I just keep hoping that FOR ONCE we get a nice summer. Doesn't have to be a complete scorcher...just nicew. Like, NO RAIN or FLOODS. We hate floods in the Jazzy house!!

Oh...sorry...but I tagged youy again! xx Jazzy

Kelly said...

Quite FREAKY I must say!! Maybe you'll be in for one super HOT summer??!! Ha!

Cheri said...

First...you crack me up!

Second...maybe it's even freakier than you think, maybe that little plant was blooming to tell you that something "pink" is in your future, as in a baby sister for Cathal (oh, so sorry Cathal's Mammy...couldn't help but go there ;-) )

Here's hoping for warmer weather!

Clive said...

The weather is driving us crazy too! Last weekend we spent hours in the garden, the NSLM and Clive playing on the trampoline, me planting lots of spring bedding and the whole garden looked like spring was here! Then mid-week - the snow, the frost, the wind, the rain ....

We were not happy at all!

Can't even get the grass cut for the Easter egg hunt!

Glad you have flowers blooming indoors at least!

Lisamaree said...

And Toads noticed the recent earthquake 11 hours before it happened. Maybe we should pay less attention to rte weather satellite and more to mother nature? xx