30 December 2008

A Busy Day and Some Wishes

Une Journée Chargée et des Souhaits.
This was Cathal’s first Christmas. And even though he was not feeling his best on the day, he was still the star attraction, displaying all his talents.
C’était le premier Noël de Cathal. Et bien qu’il n’était pas en grande forme ce jour-là, il était quand même la vedette, faisant démonstration de tous ses talents.

He played music to accompany our meal.
Il jouât de la musique pour accompagner notre repas.

He had a long chat with his Nan on the metaphysical meaning of Christmas day.
Il a tenu une grande discussion avec sa Nan sur la signification métaphysique du jour de Noël.

Then he kept her busy with a demonstration of one of his new musical toys.
Ensuite il l’a occupée avec une démonstration d’un de ses nouveaux jouets à musique.

After that, it was time to turn his attention to Super-Grand-Mother, and play with her on the mat.
Après cela, il était l’heure de s’occuper de Super-Grand-Mère, et de jouer avec elle sur le tapis.

Then on the couch.
Ensuite sur le divan.

Even pretend-fight with her over the control of the bib.
Même faire semblant de se disputer le bavoir.

Finally Super-Grand-Dad joined in the fun.
Finalement Super-Grand-Père s’est joint au jeu.

As you can see, intense concentration on all sides!
Comme vous pouvez le constater, concentration intense de la part de tous!

Now I simply want to wish every one (family, friends, and all my readers) a Very Good New Year 2009.
Maintenant je veux simplement souhaiter à tous (famille, amis, et tous mes lecteurs) une Très Bonne Année 2009.

Personally, all I wish for is a mended heart for my Little Prince.
Personnellement, je souhaite seulement un coeur réparé pour mon Petit Prince.

Somehow, I have the feeling we are not going to be bored with this little man during the coming year!
J’ai comme l’impression que nous n’allons pas nous ennuyer avec ce petit homme pendant l’année à venir!



Mel said...

How gorgeous! I spy some of the same toys there that Luke got for xmas- good old Father Christmas! :)My brother is living with his wife in Cambridge, and struggles with the idea of a winter Christmas, while I see Angela still finds a summer xmas strange!I hope Cathal had a great day, and got far too many presents- just like my tribe. Merry Christmas Nan P.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nan P, what great photos! Those rosy cheeks and general outlook remind me of Ava on Xmas day, she had the same flu..

Just to let you know that your wish for the New Year is the same as mine, all Cathal's new friends are routing for him too in 2009 x Ciara

Anonymous said...

Merci pour le reportage du 1er Noël de Cathal qui a l'air heureux d'avoir été gâté et d'être si bien entouré de sa famille.

Nous vous souhaitons une bonne année à tous et plein de bonnes choses à Cathal.

We wish him all the best for the new year... He's baby lovely so much !

Bisous à tous & love a lot xxxx

Malika, Lucien & Fabien

jazzygal said...

Ah, poor baby to be sick on Christmas day. Looks like he did his best to enjoy himself......he's a true fighter!
That'll help him through the year and any hospital trips he may have.

I wish the very best for you and your Prince in 2009 and I will hope and pray for a mended heart for him too. xx Jazzy

Sesame said...

Happy New Year NanP. great pics of wee Cathal...hopin ur wish for him comes true this year xxx

Penny Green said...

Hi Nan P,

Nice to meet you and that precious young man. Here's hoping that your wih for a mended heart soon comes true and perhaps we'll get to meet in Dublin at the World COngress.

Penny Green
Down's Heart Group