07 December 2008


Winter is upon us. Temperatures below zero at night mean that, as I set off to work in the early hours of the morning, well before dawn, roads are white with frost, my fingers feel like icicles, my mind is doubly numb with sleep and freezing fog.

Why do we spend so much energy at this time of the year, more energy than at any other time? Just when we need to conserve all the calories we have to fend off the cold. Even our brains seem to switch to a lower gear – mine does at any rate. My body often has this tremendous longing for my beloved bed, and usually at the most inopportune moments of the day.

So when I arrived in Cathal’s house the other evening, and found my Little Prince soundly asleep on the couch, a theory I have held for many years was confirmed to me: From mid November to mid February (at least!), we should all hibernate. Most mammals do it, to varying degrees, so why can’t we?

That evening, all I wanted to do was to snuggle up to him and share his rest. Pity there was not enough room for the two of us!


Sesame said...
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Sesame said...

After my little episode that would suit me to a tee Nan P. No school runs or grocery shopping (cos would have been stashin stuff away from the summer). Stay under the covers for longer, spend quality time with them that matters...awh wouldn't it be good! Wee Cathal looks so cosy there...take it easy on them roads Nan..xxx

Sesame said...

sorry Nan had posted that first comment too soon..

Nick McGivney said...

God Sesame, make a little room for the rest of us willya! Posthog!

Heh - Nan P I'm on for that. Let's try not to combine driving and hibernating though! Cathal looks like I want to feel. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mel said...

Not to gloat at all, but way over here we have clear blue skies, and a lovely 18 deg at 8am. Looking like being another gorgeous Central Hawkes Bay day- from NZ wine country :)

Jeffrey Goble said...

Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

jazzygal said...

Oh yeah Nan, I'm all on for hibernating but not while driving as Nick says!

I find the week days SO busy that by the weekends all I'm fit for is hibernating. Well,a kind of mini-one.....I don't get up til about 9.30 am!That's a lie in believe me. And, as we have no heating in either rented house or our own house it's MAJOR snuggle up time here. Am all on for the snuggle time whenever I can get it.....Go for it Nan. Grab it when ever you can!

Doesn't Cathal look so cute? A Sleeping Prince indeed. XX J

Catherine's Mum said...

I seem to have "lost" the comment I just typed - don't know where it went! It went something like this: What a beautiful, peaceful picture of Cathal. The word SERENITY comes to mind and seems to fit perfectly. Nan P you have a wonderful way with the written word. And yes, take it handy on those icey roads, OK.

Lisamaree said...

Cathal has the right idea. I'm doing a 9.30am to 4pm shift myself (I wish) Seriously, I don't think anyone should have to get up in the dark, unless there is a very big aeroplane involved. 747 minimum.