23 December 2008

T’is the Season to be Jolly…

Or so we are told.

I have learnt over time that this season and all its merriment can actually be quite “un-jolly”, if not dam right difficult for some.

It can be due to money (or lack of), health, and a range of other concerns that weigh heavier on the mind and heart than the seasonal hype. In fact, I have come across so many people who put on a brave smile around this time of the year, pretend to be all “happy-happy”, just not to have to answer awkward questions, or look like sour party-spoilers.

It can also be due to the people we miss, who will not be with us at this special family time.

In particular, I am thinking of my good friend Catherine’s Mum, who recently joined the Blogworld. You see, Catherine will not be with her family this Christmas as she was killed in a car crash in July 2006, aged only 14.

I am also thinking of Cathal’s other grand-mother, whose presence I miss along my Journey into Grand-motherhood. Her experience would have been of great help to Cathal and his family.

So I will not be so pretentious, or even so dam condescending, as to wish anyone a “Happy” Christmas. Instead, I want to wish my fellow bloggers:

A Peaceful

And Serene

Christmas 2008

And if happiness and joy come your way, then it’s a bonus. ;-)


Mel said...

Thanks Nan P. We are planning a lovely southern hemisphere xmas, in the sun with a barbeque lunch. My mum arrives late tonight to share christmas morning with the kids. It will be lovely this year because both Ben and Emily are old enough to share the excitement of Santa coming. I am looking forward to helping them put out their stockings and a little snack for Father Christmas tonight- my favourite part :) Hope you have a lovely first Christmas as a grandmother. Magic!

Jeffrey Goble said...

And a Peaceful and Serene Holiday to you, as well!

jazzygal said...

Hope you, and your family have a lovely, peaceful Christmas and New Year NanP.

It's only now that I'm older that I understand why my mother, and my Nanny hated Christmas! And I LOVE Christmas time. But the stress! Trying to keep everyone happy.

The best Christmas we've had, ever, was 2 years ago. With all the to-ing and fro-ing, waiting to see if my mam was well enough to come to come to us....totally stressed out. she wasn't(have to wait til last minute...EVERY year) so we ended up staying at home. Just the 3 of us. BLISS!!!

Enjoy! xx J

Nick McGivney said...

And right back at you, Nan P. May 09 be all good things.

Lisa said...

Right back at you Nan, and yes, the demands and expectations of this time of year can get you down. Particularly when you live with 3 people who dont care for it really.

Happy and safe to you.

ps. Hammie here on my autie blog

Sesame said...

Hope it was peaceful for you Nan.P...a young mother from my hometown was killed not far from my cavan home just after xmas...she had got out of her car to help those in another car that had skidded on the road in front of her and was knocked down by a trainee garda...where's the justice in that?...RIP Therese...so keep safe everyone and peaceful New Year to you NanP and all the bloggers...