12 October 2008

Eleven day-to-day things

As Hammie so “kindly” tagged me to share eleven things I like, here is my list (I’ll try to keep it to the day-to-day stuff, otherwise I’d need several posts, and bore everyone to death!).

In alphabetical order (so no jealousy among the mentioned):

Breakfast in Bed:

At weekends, or during holidays, with the breakfast tray across my lap, pot of strong coffee (see “Hot Drink” below), my mega cup (no half measures here), warm French baguette or nice toasts and jam, and a good book. Pure simple pleasurable “me” time.

Clothes Shop: Armand Thierry

A French chain of really nice cloths, situated in some very good Shopping Centres. The cloths are classy, trendy, and what I would term “different”: a unique mix of materials, a play on the asymmetric, and beautiful yet discrete embroidery. When I need to power-dress, the suits in particular serve me right, being stylishly subtle, I look and feel like a pro! I could spend a fortune in these shops. In fact, I have!

Cold Drink: Champagne

What else?
And yes, I do have expensive taste. So…?

Dawn Skies:

I hate mornings. I hate getting up early. I don’t “get” the need for mornings. Mornings are depressing – in other words, I am more an evening / night person.
But I do need to get up in the morning, and very early at that, as for the last 2 years or so I have been commuting into Dublin city centre. And here is the redeeming features of these mornings: the incredible beauty of dawn-breaking skies I see on my way, especially at this time of the year, or in spring time. The streaks of colours, promises of a glorious sunny day, are breath-taking. This would almost reconcile me with “mornings”!


They don’t need to be on my weekly shopping list, they jump into the trolley by themselves. I have had a pink cyclamen on my bedroom window for the last 5 years (it followed me during my moves without any complaint); by some miracle it is in constant bloom, and it delicately greets me with its scent every time I close or open the curtains.

Food – in general:

I love finding out new flavours, textures. I’ll try almost any thing. And I absolutely love savouring food, taking hours if needed for a nice dinner, especially if with nice people and good conversation.

Hot drink: Coffee

Black, rich, but not bitter. My favourite for several year has been “Café Direct” Rich Roast, the red pack (and it’s Fair Trade, so I feel I am doing “my bit”), it’s perfect for my cafetière, though I have been told I do make it very strong… And I need to watch myself, this is so addictive!


I love rhythm. So I love music, virtually all types: Pop, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Hip-hop, R&B, Latino – the only type I generally don’t get: Country & Western. Apart from that, anything goes.
And with that, dancing. I’m not much good, but, if there is any possibility, nothing will stop me, I am the first to hit the floor, and last to leave.
Two examples will illustrate:
1. I have been known to get “funny” looks from pedestrians on the street as, while stopped in traffic, I have been caught hitting my car steering wheel, hopping on my seat, bass-volume full on.
2. When I got up the day after the Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert in Phoenix Park about 4 years ago (the excuse was to take my son there as a birthday present… Yey, right!): I found I could hardly walk, the soles of my feet were so raw from the previous day jumping around.
Hemmmm. How old am I supposed to be?

TV series:

They are a number of series I have enjoyed over the years: ER (since the very beginning), Lost, Twin Peaks, Desperate Housewives, The X Files, The Clinic.
But my overall favourite…. This could be so embarrassing, but here goes: Star Trek, and especially Star Trek Voyager… I could sit through re-runs for ever!

White Chocolate:

Oh God! This is my major downfall. Especially Butler’s White Chocolate bar, with the soft gooey centre. Or Leonidas white chocolates with the butter cream inside… Heaven!

Workout: In Curves

It’s only 30 minutes a session, it’s a complete exercise, they are constant new ways of motivating me to come back. I always feel great coming out, no matter how tired I am going in. I aim (and usually succeed) for 3 sessions a week.

So now you know what makes me tick day-to-day.

And I am not tagging or asking anybody to do the same. But if anyone is so inclined, it's fun!


Lisamaree said...

Nan! you had me until White chocolate. But I love the presentation of your list, gorgeous. (except for white chocolate er)

Nan P. said...

Well Hammie, I must confess that Milk Chocolate does not do much for me, and White Chocolate is my no.1 “comfort food” (with chicken wings a close second, but that’s not even in any league at all, hardly worth mentioning).

However, if we are talking about titillating our taste buds with chocolate, then Dark, Very Dark, minimum 70% cocoa, preferably with little bits of pure cocoa thrown in for good measure. Put one square on the tongue, and gently sip my very nice coffee... Oh boy! That is so nice too...

Talk about going from one extreme to another!

So much for keeping my figure in check! ;-)