12 October 2008

It All Makes Sense

If you have ever wondered what being a Grandparent is all about, check this out here.

I could not have put it better myself.


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Cheri said...

Okay Nan, I need to comment on the coffee...I love that you love strong black coffee!! My husband is actually in the coffee industry and has been for the last 20 years. He recently left the company he was with and started a coffee consulting company called Just Black-Coffee Excellence. He is also working on developing a wholesale roasting company with a friend and colleague in the industry. You will soon be able to purchase great fair trade coffee off my blog, with proceeds going to fund disability groups. There is a wonderful organization in our city called The Art and Design Studio for Adults with Disabilities. We have talked with them about developing labels for us, using their artwork, for this particular line of coffee...anyway I haven't shared that with anyone yet in the blog world, but somehow felt I needed to share it with my new Irish, black coffee drinking, friend. :)