30 October 2008

Updates on a “Wonderful Job”

2 updates indeed!

Both regarding my previous post.

The first (smaller) one:

Apart from the email I ranted about (at length) on Sunday, I received a few “semi-automatically” generated emails, acknowledging my correspondence and assuring me that the matter would be brought to the various Ministers' attention…

But I did get another email, from another TD for Meath-East, but one sitting on the opposition benches of the Oireachtas – in this case, the Dáil – or “parliament” in “English” English, instead of Irish… ;-) The tone was so different, almost concerned, and in no way condescending, nor patronising.

So two answers out of 20, not bad for a first time. Never know, I could turn into a professional lobbyist to supplement my Old Age Pension when I eventually reach that stage of life…

The second (bigger) update:

I heard on the way home this evening that Ms Hanafin confirmed today the Government’s decision to row back (it has been qualified as a “U-Turn” by some, and a “Flip-Flop” by others), saying that “the existing arrangements would continue, pending the completion of a full review of the scheme”.

And my reaction to this: Does Democracy actually work?

Quoting from my Oxford dictionary, Democracy is “ 1. a system of government by the whole population, usually through elected representatives”.

So if the elected representatives “get it wrong”, the “whole population” can remind them so. We tend to forget this, don’t we? We give out, we complain, but we do not act. And sometimes, when we do, it works! It’s exactly what has happened over the last two weeks: with the over 70’s, with the Disability Allowance.

In a democratic system, the few are supposed to be working for the welfare of the many: Saving only €4.3 million per annum to the detriment of vulnerable 16 and 17 years olds was not “WELFARE”.

The second part of the definition of Democracy caught my attention: “ 2. a classless and tolerant form of society” Mr. TD Meath-East of last Sunday did not show much tolerance in my view.

Oh Yes, an email was waiting for me when I got home today: from “guess who?” Yes, Mr. TD Meath-East of last Sunday. Again a little “beauty”, see for yourself:

“Hi P.
I assume you will have heard the Minister's announcement. I said in my previous email that I would be confident of a positive conclusion.
I hope this assures you.

- No, you didn’t say that.
- And yes, you are a chancer!


Lisamaree said...

The remaining FF TD of Wickla would do something the same given the chance Nan, he is a bit of chancer too.
Congratulations to Cathal's Mams and Nans et al, etc for helping to raise and force this issue. I don't think Ms Hanofun wanted to take on us pesky disability kids again.

Nick McGivney said...

Hah! Chancer is of course the thirteenth sign of the zodiac, reserved for politicians, planners and piss artists! I'm delighted to hear how well you're integrating into the special needs community, Nan. You give me great hope that one day all those with terrible non-afflictions, suffering from non-Down syndrome or cursed with non-cerebral palsy, non-autism and countless other non-crosses might be able to join us in the mainstream. Heh heh. Seriously though, I think your family is extremely lucky to have someone like you.