18 October 2008

Text a SHOUT!

"The best spokespersons for people with Down syndrome are people with Down syndrome! The "Shout Programme" is designed to train and develop adults with Down syndrome to speak for themselves. If we don't 'Shout' how can we be heard?”

Though Cathal is a little young to speak on his own behalf, I think it is a very good idea that a programme like this will enable him to speak for himself in later years. So I am supporting, and promoting it, in my own little way.

The first step of this new programme is to train a group of adults to act as ambassadors at the Word Down Syndrome Congress in Dublin in August 2009. For full details of the programme, click here.

From the comfort of your own home, you can text-donate to “SHOUT”. Simply text SHOUT to 57502 - It will cost you a measly € 2 and 10 seconds of your time! (and you can even receive a Bizzy Bee screensaver as a thank you).

So please, Text a SHOUT, and ask others to do the same.


Lisamaree said...

right on Nan! Will copy the GIF and put it on my blog too. You gotta rock the independence campaigns. xx

Sesame said...

Hey NanP...am really bold these days forgettin about my blog and only hittin on some of them every now and again...av put the link up on mine..not that it will get much exposure but wanna show my support..good on ya..

The Muse... said...

Salut Nan P,
I shall be publishing a couple of blogs this week so will be sure to include the info on 'Shout'. Keep on spreadin' the word...